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  • Jremso

    Refer you to ticket # 1483. Am trying to buy 2 calcite, in line, pre filters and take advantage oy your 1/2 off sale. Please advise what my next action should be. Thank you.



    Jack Osmer

  • Kasandra Griebel

    I ordered a replacement filter for my genesis but it hasn't come and I haven't received any emails but the payment confirmation.  Please advise.


    Kasandra Griebel


  • Karen Tatge

    Good Evening...we changed one of the filters on our Genesis today and we can't get any water to come out of it.  It gives us a code of EO on the screen along with "check" and it will not allow any water to pass through.  We have tried unplugging it several times to reset, but we can't get it to cooperate. 


    Thank you!



  • Rigobobby

    can you please help me, my genesis is dis playing error E1 after I plugged it in. I had to unplug it because started running water on it's on and could not be turn off.


  • Rigobobby

    My Revelution keeps running and won't turn off.  It displays E1.

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